SMS newsletter

The ad your subscribers look forward to.

In a constantly mobile world, communicate with your customer on the channel that’s in their pocket the whole time. Unlike a traditional newsletter, SMS newsletter does not require Internet connection. It also has the fastest delivery-rate and the highest open-rate among all marketing channels.

Check out the list of SMS newsletter features to see why it is the right choice for your business:

  • simple SMS for short info

    If you only want to send short info to your customers, inform them of a special weekend discount or just point out an important fact, send your newsletter as a regular SMS.

  • attractive landing pages templates

    Don’t wish to limit yourself to a certain number of characters? Choose SMS newsletter delivered to users in the form of an SMS, containing a link to the newsletter landing page.

  • implementation of short URLs

    To keep your promotion looking classy, the newsletter you send to users contains a short URL with a unique ID, granting you receive feedback on end-user click to your newsletter.

The proper solution for providing SMS services in a stable and reliable way as it is able to operate with large numbers of SMS messages at once. This system ensures high quality services that will attract more clients and offers an efficient marketing tool at low costs. Gain competitive advantage while you save time and money!

Send SMS newsletter, get personal with customers and reward their loyalty.