SMS info services

Quick, convenient & reliable.

The world went online more than a decade ago, and a few years back it went mobile. There are more smartphones than people in the world, so the potential of the mobile device is greater than ever before: it’s where people consume the largest portion of information.

Communicate any type of information that interests your customers directly to the device that’s constantly in their hands, even when they are offline. Quick, convenient, reliable and intended for each and every user.

Why should you partner up with us?

  • we give you reliability

    We can assure high-quality traffic and large volumes of text messages sent and delivered in an hour.

  • we have built a reputation

    More than 25 companies of the highest rank in Switzerland, have recognized high quality of the service that we provide.

What type of information do you have for your users? We can offer setting up various types of info services:

Ad-hoc info service

 Not requested by the user; no subscription needed. Users are already related to the brand and receive news and updates.

  • service type: banks, mobile operators
  • aimed at users who already opted in to receive SMS info service
  • your business can send news and updates to customers you are already related to


 Subscription info service

 After user initiates the request for a subscription, they will receive SMS messages on a regular basis until the cancellation.

  •  service type: lottery numbers, weather report, traffic info, police radar info, sports, hobbies, pets
  • any information that interests end-users can be implemented in the form of SMS info service
  • the service can be free or charged to users
Pull info service

 User requests certain information on a one-time basis; the info is then delivered as an SMS message.

  • service type: horoscope, sports news, weather change, love compatibility
  • any information valuable to users can be sent in the form of SMS info service

Simple and powerful communication

Use the power of mobile to reach your users more efficiently anywhere they go. If you have an information source, we can create an SMS service for you and deliver the information that interests your users directly to them.

Got an information source? Request your Info Service and start earning money.