Number check-up

Know who is on the other side.

People might change their phone number out of various reasons: perhaps they lost their device, switched operators or they simply wanted a new number. One year later, you can’t be sure how many active numbers there are in your database. We offer a service that sweeps through your contact list, separating only worthy, actively used numbers.

Make sure you are not sending campaigns to non-working numbers! Find out if the number you are trying to reach is active & reachable, where it is located what is its service provider and whether the number is ported and cut costs with our number-check up service.

Benefits of using number check-up before launching a promotional campaign:

  • clean and updated customer database
  • removal of non-existent numbers
  • lower expenses by detecting the mobile operator
  • possibility to integrate via API

There are several ways this can work: either you have the whole infrastructure so you can integrate the platform via API or we can grant you access to the user interface. If neither of these options works for you, there is still a way you can assure you only send effective SMS. Send us the numbers that need to be cleaned up via e-mail, and receive a list of cleaned numbers back.

Get rid of mobile phone numbers that are no longer active and cut your expenses.