Magento SMS

Online retailers could be earning more.

Many Internet shoppers get excited when they start shopping online and filling their basket. Unfortunately, a very high percentage of shoppers get stuck. Maybe they couldn’t make the decision to purchase at that moment, or the checkout process was too complicated.

Web shop owners also face the problem of getting only one-time shoppers because of inefficient communication with their customers – or because there is no communication at all. This means sale opportunities and thousands of dollars are wasted every day in numerous web shops around the web.

Check out the list of Magento service benefits and improve the performance of your business:

  • create SMS marketing campaigns for your web shop easily
  • schedule SMS event-dependant notifications for your customers
  • integrate quickly by downloading the plug-in and installing it in your web shop

The majority of Internet shops are based on Magento, so web shop owners should take advantage of a simple SMS plug-in that can improve the performance of their business.

With Magento SMS plug-in, you can send the following message types:

  • Registration confirmation. Wish your new customers a warm welcome after they have successfully registered at your web shop.
  • Account activity tracking. Inform your customers of account activity whenever a log in or log out occurs.
  • Purchase completion. Prompt your customers to complete their purchases with reminders of unfinished shopping carts and take them to checkout.
  • Special offers notifications. Stimulate conversions by sending periodical SMS notifications with special offers and reminders.
  • Order confirmation. Demonstrate reliability and send order-confirmation following a purchase.
  • Thank-you messages. Thank your customers for choosing your product/service after their first purchase.
  • Maintenance offers. Show your customers dedication by sending maintenance alerts or warranty prolongation offer for the purchased product/service.
  • Stocks low. Warn your customers about stock running low and motivate immediate conversion.
  • Sale alerts. Inform customers of attractive discounts and special offers or notify them when their wish list item goes on sale.

Stop losing opportunities and request Magento SMS plug-in now.