Email to SMS

Efficiency of SMS, convenience of E-Mail

You already know SMS is the most efficient marketing method, but email is the most common form of business correspondence. How would you like to retain the efficiency of SMS marketing but with the convenience of email?

Why not utilize the channel you already own? The process of using our Email to SMS service is very simple. Our platform accepts your email, converts it into SMS compatible format and sends it to the intended SMS recipients.

Discover some of the features of our powerful service here:

  • high-quality SMS traffic
  • high throughput rate of large data quantities
  • excellent price & quality ratio
  • reduced rates for larger traffic quantities

Choose between two types of e-mail to SMS:

  • Single-direction SMS service: Perfect when you do not require a reply from recipients;
  • Bi-directional SMS : Allows back and forth communication within a 48-hour time frame.

Interested in launching an SMS campaign as simply as sending an email?