SMS Services

Have you ever received an SMS you didn’t read?

It’s a well-known fact that SMS is the quickest, most direct and the most efficient advertising method, used by the widest audience range, teenagers and businessmen alike. Despite the advent of new channels and technologies, SMS remains relevant.

You have probably never received an SMS you didn’t open. Unlike e-mails or banners, an unopened SMS stays visible on your phone even after dismissing it, and the statistics speak in favor of this claim: 70% of SMS messages are opened within the first 5 minutes of being received.

What are the benefits of SMS services for your business:

  • reliable message delivery system
  • increased revenue and conversion rates
  • targeted and direct customer communication
  • simple account set-up saves time & resources

Check out our extensive portfolio of SMS services. You are bound to find the one you need for your business!

Additional services on-demand

If you don’t see a service you need, don’t worry – we can still make it happen. Contact us and discuss business opportunities with our experienced team.

The set-up of your account is so simple, there is no need to change platforms or train extra staff to use new software. Save valuable time and money and reach a large number of customers on the SMS channel without being intrusive. Customers will read your SMS campaigns when it’s convenient for them on topics that interest them.

Promote and sell your product/service in the most efficient way using a trusted SMS delivery system.