SMS Donations

Let us help you in helping others.

Traditional ways of making a donation take time. As our lifestyle has changed, people prefer simpler ways to donate to a cause, event or organization. Many, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, social activists and environmental groups choose SMS donation service to receive donations faster than with any other donation method available.

If your supporters have a mobile phone, they can take immediate action and make a donation wherever they are. They donate simply by texting the selected keyword to a number, in seconds, anywhere, anytime they want. To maximize the results of your SMS donation campaigns, your organization can use the full set of mobile marketing, online and social media channels to grow.

Benefits of donation collecting via SMS:

  • attract and retain new donor groups
  • allow donations from any phone means more money raised
  • make the donating process quick and simple
  • know your donations are secure and truly reach their destination
  • offer one-time and regular SMS donations

This is what we offer you in our Donations service package:

  • Inexpensive integration and affordable payment options for customers
  • Complete package comprising of SMS number, technical donation platform and easy-to-use browser interface (GUI)
  • Processing of one-time and regular SMS donations
  • No restrictions on where and when donations are made

We have the team to support you in the initial concept phase as well as later, in the campaign phase by employing the right tactics (alerts and invitations) to engage donors and increase participation.

Offer your donators simplicity of giving, while they help your worthy cause.