Premium SMS

Quick and easy payment method for micro-payment.

Premium SMS payment is another channel for your business to sell and monetize services, digital goods and physical goods that require micropayments. Consumers are encouraged to pay a whole array of services by premium SMS messages.

Online memberships, online content, SMS voting, SMS prize giveaways and various info services are just some of the services you can pay by premium SMS. There is no need to provide credit card details and it does not require registration from end-users, so both modern and senior users can use it.

Experience the benefits of offering Premium SMS payment:

  • easy way to make micro-payments
  • adapted for various end-user groups
  • simplified payment proccess

Our API is simple to integrate. Integrate once and operate in all markets:

  • Connect 70 countries through a single point of access
  • Bill end-users for one-time payments or subscriptions
  • Obtain full technical support during and after integration
  • Activate your service quickly (even within one working day)

Flexible billing methods and more on demand

Premium SMS payments provided by Mocopay come with flexible billing types; supported with flexible tariffs. In addition, we offer various types of services that enable customers to pay by SMS such as support for push/pull (one-time), content download and WEB payment.

Paying for a service/digital goods can be as simple as sending an SMS. Offer Premium SMS.