Mobile Downloads

The logical way to pay.

Buying digital music, photography, images, ebooks, online courses, web graphics, templates and other type of digital content has become a habit. In the age of Internet dominance and massive digital content consumption, merchants face two main challenges: how to market a product and how to convert more visitors into customers? Mocopay can help you with both.

One of the best ways to quickly and easily increase the number of your paying customers is to add mobile payments as a payment method for end-users. Integrating mobile payments is easy and our clients notice improved conversion rates instantly. Activate mobile payments and you will drive conversions up to 5 times!

The benefits that businesses experience when they offer mobile payment:

  • increased audience reach

    Not everyone owns a Visa or Master Card, but almost anyone has a mobile phone.

  • simplified payment, happier users

    Empower your customers to pay using mobile payment.

  • higehr conversion rate

    Customers get fast and user-friendly payment experience.

Check out some of the features in the Mocopay mobile payment package:

  • One time and subscription payments option for daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions
  • Highly optimized cross platform and cross browsing experience
  • One API integration enables immediate connection to global coverage
  • Technical support during and after integration
  • Detailed payment reports and statistics for better decision making

Offer payment with no sign-ups, no personal data or security problems.