Provide better payouts and drive conversions.

Easypay by Swisscom is 1-click mobile payment solution providing one of the best ways for your customers to buy physical and digital goods in Switzerland. Easypay is loved and trusted by merchants since it provides better payouts and drives higher conversions.

Compared with the other mobile payment method it has proven to increase conversions and frequency of purchases.  Easypay is simple and convenient for both web and mobile web payments, does not require any registration and it provides unmatched security for customers.

Join thousands of merchants enjoying the benefits of using Easypay is Switzerland:

  • seamless and secure 1-click shopping experience
  • mobile optimized payment flow for your service
  • one-time payment or various recurring payment options
  • friendly web interface and detailed report generation

You can activate Easypay as a 1-click payment for both mobile Internet and Wi-Fi users if you offer:

  • Subscription services
  • One-off services
  • In-app payments
  • Digital content
  • Physical goods

Use the support of our experienced Account Managers to help you get the most out of Easypay.

Choose Easypay, a simple and convenient payment method for both web and mobile web payments.