Direct Carrier Billing

The easiest payment method in the world.

Payment simplicity is a major factor for customers when making a purchase. Direct carrier billing is the most user-friendly payment solution out there: no registration, no complicated steps, no keywords or short numbers involved.

It is a safe and reliable mobile payment model that allows purchase completion in a matter of seconds. Compared to other mobile payment methods, it has a proven increase in conversion rate and payment frequency.  It is simple and convenient for both mobile and mobile web payments and it provides superior customer security.

Benefits of using DCB mobile payment solution:

  • higher payouts compared to Premium SMS
  • seamless and secure shopping experience for end-users
  • choice between one-time or recurring payment options
  • exceptional user experience cross-device

Payment channel for various content type

With its cross-platform support, direct carrier billing is the best billing option for purchasing any type of digital goods and some less-expensive physical goods. You can use it to extend your customer base and offer:

  • Subscription services
  • One-off services
  • Mobile In-app payments
  • Digital content
  • and much more

Motivate customers to conversion by offering an enjoyable payment experience.