Prize Giveaway

Give a little – get a lot.

Are you looking for a simple, effective and inexpensive way to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers and boost your sales? A lot of brands underestimate the effectiveness of a simple prize giveaway.

It’s different from a contest because in a prize giveaway, participants only have to send a keyword or a code to a designated short number to win a prize, whereas contestants are required to invest effort to participate in a contest, like solve a task and text the correct answer to a designated short number.

Because participating in a prize giveaways is so simple for end-user and usually does not require any special skills, it is a perfect marketing method for new businesses trying to build an audience and increase brand awareness. It will also help you achieve the following business goals:

  • create upselling opportunities
  • affirm existing customers’ loyalty
  • promote a new product/service with a giveaway
  • engage customers to spread the word about you

Additionally, a prize giveaway is also a smart way to fill your CRM databases with useful user data. Even if you already have a large database of existing customers, perhaps you are not using the data so you are missing out on valuable opportunities.

Usually, running a prize game is free for end-users. But it doesn’t always have to be that way! With a small game participation fee, you can run a campaign for free, and in some cases even realize surplus.

Offer an attractive prize and watch your audience grow.