Crossword puzzle

The crowd’s all-time favorite pastime.

Although people are constantly immersed in technology and the media is always trying to come up with new ways to entertain them, crossword puzzles are liked by young and old audience and never go out of fashion. They are interesting, challenging and entertaining, which is why they still remain popular in the digital age.

Crosswords can cover a varied range of topics based on what you do and who your target audience is, and its difficulty can also be adapted according to its purpose. Should it be all fun and games or do you want the players to invest some effort? Add a prize in the mix and meet your cost-effective marketing strategy. A crossword puzzle could help you realize the following business goals:

  • Build your customer base

    Giveaways attract new customers and awaken existing ones

  • Upgrade your promo strategy

    Break free from your usual marketing strategy and surprise customers

  • Position on the market

    Establish your brand among customers, partners and competitors

  • Get valuable user data

    Ask for information you need as part of the entry process

Crossword puzzle participation is usually free for end-users, but valuable prizes motivate end-users to pay a small participation price. This means you could run a campaign for free, and in some cases even realize surplus.

We will develop and manage your contest puzzle, send effective promo messages on the chosen channel and give advice on campaign customization and improvement.

Request to run a crossword puzzle of your own and start experiencing benefits for your business now.