Everybody loves a winner.

Determination to win and compete is one of humans’ basic drives, and contests provide an opportunity for everyone to experience their 15 minutes of fame and for you to collect valuable data. For a chance of winning a valuable prize, people will be happy to answer a few questions, give you data or even pay a small contest admission price.

It’s different from a prize giveaway because contestants are required to invest effort, eg. solve a task and text the correct answer to a designated short number to participate in a contest, whereas in a prize giveaway participants only have to send a keyword or a code to a designated short number, after which a prize is given to them.

Throwing a contest is an excellent way to show your users appreciation for choosing you, a valuable way to award their loyalty and a smart way to give them motivation to continue your successful business agreement. It will also help you achieve these business goals:

  • attract new and engage existing customers
  • boost your sales and brand strength
  • promote your service/product
  • avoid marketing administration

Usually, running a contest is free for end-users. But it doesn’t always have to be that way! You can offer a valuable prize, charge a small contest admission fee and run the whole campaign for free, and in some cases even gain profits.

We can deliver your contest on various channels like SMS, Voice and Social Media. Our experienced team will be excited to provide you with complete solution and to take care of your successful contest campaigns.

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