Campaign Box: Making marketers’ lives easier

7th July 2016

Businesses of all sizes need marketing. From the smallest start-ups to the biggest international corporations, they need a service that will make their promotion effective and communication with customers simple.

The choice of the marketing channel is tricky. Successful marketing campaigns are those delivered through multiple communication channels: SMS, e-mail and push notifications, social media platforms (Twitter integration was done recently) and popular instant messaging platforms (WhatsApp is planned).

In fact, even if your business is already successfully reaching end users on one channel, a cross-channel marketing tool makes all the difference by extending your promotion’s reach, optimizing it to the individual customer and regulating promotion frequency.

As evident by Adobe and Econsultancy report, multichannel campaign management is among the top priorities for marketers in 2016, following targeting & personalization and content optimization.


Source: Econsultancy / Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing

Using Campaing Box, you can send campaigns to your customer using all available channels – SMS, MMS, e-mail or push notifications. Our smart tool makes sure customers receive the right message on the first channel they react, whereas any later reactions on other channels receive different content.

Reach the end user as soon as possible

Let’s consider the reach of your campaign first. In the broad selection of communication channels offered today, you can’t simply select one based on the one-size-fits-all model and expect the desired outcome. Some user groups prefer particular communication channels. For example, the young use more social networks and instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Viber), while other users might prefer traditional channels like SMS, newsletter etc.

If you use all the potential of Campaign Box, it can help you send campaigns across all communication channels, and not worry about overwhelming your customer because our smart tool will never show the same campaign to the customer multiple times. If they react on e-mail first, Campaign Box, all other channels will show a different promotional message.

It is very difficult and nearly impossible to track user reactions on multiple tools. Optimizing your campaign shouldn’t be overlooked, either. A lot of time and effort and energy are wasted. And if you add to this equation the dilemma of promotion frequency and different departments of your company bombarding the customer with promo material all at once, it becomes clear – no wonder your users are not responding!

Do everything with one tool

Is it really possible to satisfy all your marketing needs with just one tool? With Campaign Box you can coordinate all of your marketing efforts across all channels and through all the stages of the customer buying cycle. The use of various channels optimizes business’s marketing efforts and presents the most reliable marketing technology.

From original content to relevant follow-up campaigns, users get the information they want, how they want it and when they want it. We like to compare our tool to a Swiss knife – it’s simple and compact but its possibilities are numerous! We have highlighted the following eight areas as the most prominent strengths of Campaign Box:


You don’t have to be Picasso

What if I told you no advanced programming knowledge is necessary to create stunning landing pages? With Campaign Box, it’s easy to build landing pages in minutes and create professional-looking email newsletter using a simple drag & drop interface, regardless of your design skills starting out. All design you create is mobile-optimized responsive design that will look great on all devices.


Campaign Box comes with set of ready to use predefined templates as well as content creator for responsive newsletters

Extra services, extra value

Sometimes you want to enrich your marketing strategy with an extra service. Additional services increase user data base value, grow ROI, engage users and increase their activity.  Surveys, prize games and contests are just some of the services we offer.  On demand we can create any other!

If you choose paid services, it might not only save your budget but sometimes even create extra value. For a possibility to win a valuable prize, service participation fee ranging from 0.1 to 1.0 € will not discourage users.

Don’t do-it-yourself

Dealing with marketing is made easier when you have someone remembering to do things for you. Campaign Box is smart that way. It can send automated emails for various purposes, like to wish your new customer a warm welcome after registering with your web shop, to thank them upon purchase completion or to remind them of expiring shopping carts.

Furthermore, stimulate conversions by sending periodical SMS notifications containing special offers and reminders. Inform customers when their wish list item goes on sale or warn them about stock running low. Another nifty feature is the possibility to trigger notification based on customer’s location! Above mentioned use cases are just few examples of how marketing automation in Campaign Box works.


CRM is a powerful tool for collection of user data, segmentation and optimization of marketing campaigns. You can target customers accurately by knowing which channel gets a better response rate instead of shooting out random ads which will only annoy them. Such unstructured marketing can do more harm than good.

Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) within Campaign Box, or using external CRMs integrated with it, companies and brands are able to achieve better reactions from customers by reaching a broad audience segmented into targeted groups.

Some possibilities Campaign Box’s CRM offers:

  • manage user lists
  • import unlimited number of contacts
  • personalize contacts with custom data like gender, location or interests
  • filter and segment contacts per various criteria (gender, location, interests etc.)

Campaign Box also enables API Integration, so you can automatically subscribe users to your contact list; or if you have a website, you can synchronize data between your website and Campaign Box tool.

User protection, user experience

In the age when users are bombarded with campaigns from countless sources, it’s important to pay attention to user protection. We didn’t forget about this so Campaign Box lets you view and import all users that explicitly do not wish to receive campaigns, as well as track various other customer events like product purchase, subscribe event and click event.

Once you’ve taken care of user protection, you have to focus on user experience. Campaign Box enables you to preview the appearance of the campaign on various devices and store it for later usage, and there’s even the possibility to compare two or more versions of the same campaign to see which one gives a better conversion rate.

In any case, content of the campaign will always be optimized, no matter what device users view it on. If the user consumes the campaign from a mobile device, the content he sees will be optimized for that exact mobile device. If he later uses the same link to access the content from his desktop computer, for instance, Campaign Box will recognize it and send him to the content optimized for display on the desktop computer.

Campaign Box reporting to duty

Once you send out your campaign, it’s very important to have analytics you can rely on and that can help boost your performance in the future. In Campaign Box, you can view detailed reports for deliverability, open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate etc. Real time reports let you analyze specific user activities such as these:

  • Did they open the e-mail? When?
  • Did they click the links? When? Which ones?
  • Where from? Which device did they use?

Campaign Box helps you discover what attracts users and which links drive the most clicks. Use it to compare current click rate trends, track and aggregate number of subscribed and unsubscribed users and see where in the world the campaign is performing best.

Establish strong connections with powerful players

To enrich your contacts data Campaign box users can connect and integrate with most popular CRM and e-commerce platforms like:


Campaign Box integrates with popular players

The reason why marketing automation can improve your business

Marketing automation software like Campaign Box enables you to reach audience that really wants to purchase your product at the right brand touch-point. This smart technology is your tool for identifying the most desired buyer personas, preparing and sending relevant and targeted messages to them and measuring results with ease to increase conversion rates.

Want one Box for yourself yet?

A well-executed advertising campaign can prove a positive return on investment. But remember, marketing done properly takes time and effort – time you could be investing in selling your product.

That’s why you need a practical tool to help you send the right message to the right device at the right time. You need a tool like ours. Compact but powerful, Campaign Box is a single solution for marketing on multiple communication channels.

We could tell you more, but we’d rather show you. Request a demo now and let the most prominent functionality areas of Campaign Box take your marketing to a new level.